Hygienic Adsorption Dehumidifier

At Dutch Blower, we specialize in providing high-quality, hygienic industrial dehumidifiers designed to effectively control and maintain optimal humidity levels in a wide range of industrial settings.

Our dehumidifiers are specifically engineered to meet the stringent requirements of industries such as food processing, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, storage facilities, and more, where moisture control is crucial for product integrity, employee comfort, and equipment longevity.

Drying the air with a high efficiency desiccant rotor

A desiccant is a hygroscopic substance that is used to induce or sustain a state of dryness (desiccation) in its vicinity; it is the opposite of a humectant. Commonly encountered pre-packaged desiccants are solids that absorb water. Desiccants for specialized purposes may be in forms other than solid, and may work through other principles, such as chemical bonding of water molecules. They are commonly encountered in foods to retain crispness. Industrially, desiccants are widely used to control the level of water in gas streams.

Schematic explanation

The air is dried by means of a rotating wheel which adsorpes the moisture from the process air and brings it into a second warm reactivation air stream. The drying function is often combined with cooling, heating, filtering and heat recovery. The regeneration air can be heated by means of electricity, a direct-fired gasheater, steam or with a heat pump.

We build what you are looking for

The dehumidifiers are all custom made. During the design process there will be attention to low energy consumption and low noise levels. Easy maintenance and high quality components ensure a long life time. During the design the dehumidifiers can be provided in ATEX execution, UL version for the U.S. market with ASME steam coils. The dehumidifiers can also be executed in a hygienic or SS304 version equiped with strong sloped drip pans and a fully welded bottom is among the possibilities.

Key Features of Dutch Blower Hygienic Industrial Dehumidifiers:

Precise Humidity Control: Our industrial dehumidifiers offer precise humidity control, allowing you to maintain the desired humidity levels in your facility. By effectively removing excess moisture from the air, our dehumidifiers prevent issues such as condensation, mold growth, corrosion, and product spoilage.

Hygienic Design: We prioritize hygiene in our industrial dehumidifiers. They are constructed using high-quality, easy-to-clean materials that minimize the risk of bacterial growth and contamination. The design also ensures smooth surfaces and rounded corners to facilitate cleaning and maintenance, meeting the strict hygiene standards of various industries.

Energy Efficiency: We understand the importance of energy efficiency in industrial applications. Our dehumidifiers are designed with advanced technologies, including energy-efficient compressors, intelligent controls, and heat recovery systems, to optimize energy consumption and minimize operational costs without compromising performance.

Custom Solutions: We recognize that different industries and facilities have unique dehumidification requirements. Our team of experienced engineers works closely with you to understand your specific needs and design customized solutions tailored to your facility's size, humidity levels, and operational demands. We take into account factors such as airflow, temperature, and space constraints to deliver an efficient and effective dehumidification solution.

Comprehensive Moisture Control: Our hygienic industrial dehumidifiers not only remove excess moisture from the air but also offer additional features to enhance moisture control. These include integrated humidistats, programmable controls, and remote monitoring options, allowing for precise humidity regulation and ensuring optimal conditions for your processes, products, and personnel.

Reliable Performance and Durability: We pride ourselves on delivering industrial dehumidifiers of the highest quality. Our units are built to withstand demanding industrial environments, featuring robust construction, reliable components, and rigorous testing to ensure long-lasting performance and durability.

Expert Support and Service: We provide comprehensive support throughout the entire lifecycle of our dehumidifiers. From initial consultation and installation to ongoing maintenance and technical assistance, our dedicated team is committed to ensuring that your dehumidification system operates at its best and meets your expectations.

At Dutch Blower, we understand the importance of precise humidity control in industrial environments. With our hygienic industrial dehumidifiers, you can maintain optimal humidity levels, mitigate moisture-related issues, and create a comfortable, hygienic, and efficient working environment.

Contact us today to discuss your specific dehumidification requirements and let our expertise in hygienic industrial dehumidifiers help you achieve superior moisture control in your facility.


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