Offshore AHU

At Dutch Blower, we specialize in providing high-performance air handling units specifically designed for offshore applications. Our offshore air handling units are engineered to meet the demanding requirements of offshore platforms, rigs, and vessels, ensuring reliable operation and optimal performance in harsh marine environments.

Key Features of Dutch Blower Offshore Air Handling Units:

Compact Design: Offshore platforms often have limited space availability. Our offshore air handling units are designed with a compact footprint, allowing for easy installation and integration into existing infrastructure while maximizing the use of available space.

Custom Solutions: We understand that each offshore project has unique requirements. Our team of experienced engineers works closely with you to tailor our air handling units to your specific needs. We consider factors such as airflow rates, space limitations, noise levels, and energy efficiency to deliver a customized solution that meets your exact specifications.

Comprehensive Service and Support: We provide comprehensive service and support throughout the lifecycle of our offshore air handling units. From installation and commissioning to maintenance and spare parts, our dedicated team is available to assist you, ensuring the continued performance and reliability of your units.

Hazardous Area Compliance

We understand the unique safety considerations in offshore environments. Our air handling units can be designed and certified to meet the specific requirements of hazardous areas, such as ATEX or IECEx standards, ensuring safe operation in potentially explosive atmospheres. Our offshore air handling units are designed and manufactured in compliance with relevant industry standards and regulations, such as DNV, ABS, or Lloyds. This ensures that our units meet the highest quality and safety standards required for offshore applications.

Air Filtration and Ventilation

Clean and fresh air circulation is crucial for the comfort and well-being of personnel on offshore platforms. Our air handling units are equipped with high-efficiency filters to remove contaminants and ensure a healthy indoor environment. They also provide effective ventilation to control humidity levels and prevent the buildup of odors or harmful gases.

Robust Construction

Our offshore air handling units are built to withstand the challenging offshore conditions. They are constructed with durable materials, such as marine-grade stainless steel or corrosion-resistant coatings, to resist the effects of saltwater, humidity, and extreme weather. Offshore environments are highly corrosive due to saltwater exposure. Our air handling units are equipped with advanced corrosion protection measures, including protective coatings, galvanized panels, or stainless steel components, to ensure long-term durability and minimize maintenance needs.

At Dutch Blower, we understand the unique challenges of offshore environments and the importance of reliable air handling solutions. With our offshore air handling units, you can trust that your offshore platform or vessel will benefit from efficient ventilation, superior air quality, and a robust design that withstands the rigors of the marine environment.

Contact us today to discuss your offshore project requirements, and let our expertise in offshore air handling units contribute to the success of your operations.


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